Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brave Heart

My sensational gf has aquired tickets to one of my heros, Craig Ferguson, performing in the big smoke in april. As an homage to a real test of ones will and strength, I will present Mr. Ferg with this illustration. As of Scottish background too, Im sure he will enjoy this hanging in his water closet (or bathroom to non-scots). wish me luck. let the stalking commence.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been waiting for so long, its a funny play on words. I have worked in so many restaurants, sports bars, family fun feedbags, and so on...the average waiter or waitress is stereotypically waiting for something, waiting for a "real job", waiting for school to end or begin, or waiting until they strike it rich with a scheme or invention of some kind. I like waiting, er, liked waiting. it afforded me the strange kind of zero-hour downtime, when everyone else would be getting up to catch the train, bus, cab or latte to their job, i would be getting home or sobering up, just in time to draw during the day. however, you draw what you know, in this case, the all important back alley smoke break to ponder the nights specials, tips and guests, check your phone to see what the other waiters are doing after work, or just tell your girlfriend, i have to close now, i should be done at never-o'clock.

the phone call

Monday: 2:43 am, having a brief discussion about the evils of alchohol with my lady.
i look to my heros of sobriety, Craig Ferguson, Stevie ray vaughn, john laroquette, and toast to them all.